Rewrite Chat GPT To Avoid Detection

Rewrite Chat GPT To Avoid Detection – Why And How?

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By Hamd Kazimi

If you’re dead serious about having your site untouched by Google Updates in the long term, you need to consider the quality of the content you’re putting out.

By quality, I don’t just mean factual quality but written quality as well. What’s the use of uploading tons of articles every day only to be dumped out by Google in the next update?

In this article below I’ll point out why you need to rewrite the output from Chat GPT to avoid AI detection by Google. I’ll also pitch in the services my team can offer to help you achieve exactly that in the second half. There’s a cool AI case study too so keep reading.

If you’re using AI content to fuel your projects, you are at risk of the following:

The Watermark Risk

As you may know, a watermark is already in the works, making AI content detection easy. What if your site gets caught in one of the next updates? Your entire time and effort to pump out hundreds of blog posts will go in vain.

Trust me, with enough pressure due to international regulations, this possibility is inevitable. Otherwise, the world will be a bad place with unsocial elements using AI tools to their advantage.

Counter Argument – “But such watermark can be removed with smart tactics.”

My Answer – Yes, with enough rewrites and other methods, you can potentially remove watermarks from your text. But is that the only concern, though? If you think Watermark is the only villain here, you’re wrong. There are other factors at play.

Google Doesn’t Like Robotic/Generic Content

AI content doesn’t rank well in comparison to human-written content. WHY? Because human-generated content has a “variety” and “unpredictability” that AI-generated content lacks. 

Just refer to this study by Originality. To summarize their findings, most of the sites at the top of SERPs are the ones with human-written content. AI-generated content, in comparison, ranks lower on SERPs.

Counter Argument – “But Google has already confirmed they have no issues with AI-generated content.”

My Answer – With the recent launch of BARD, Google had to side with AI, as they are using it themselves. But with studies like the one I mentioned above, it is clear as day that Google prefers human-written content. Even though they won’t necessarily penalize your site for having AI-generated content, they will surely put you down in SERPs.

They also have their own system SpamBrain which is more accurate than most AI detectors you know of. SpamBrain helps Google readily identify such AI content and push it down the SERPs.

How Can We Help?

I’m annoyed by how content agencies are taking advantage of this situation. These agencies charge thousands of dollars to provide a few pieces of AI content by passing the AI detectors.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m here to make money myself. But is it worth spending thousands of dollars just to get content that is still AI? AI content is supposed to be cost-effective. These agencies are just fooling you by giving you content that is smartly generated by effective AI prompts and bypasses AI detectors. But this is still AI content, has the watermark, and is identified as AI by Google’s systems.

This is where we can help you. For just 12 USD/1000 Words(limited-time offer), we will completely transform your content to make it look natural. 

Here are the services we will provide:

Rewrite Chat GPT To Avoid Detection

See a Before/After:

Compare these two versions yourself: Here’s the original ChatGPT Content & Paraphrased Version of the same content.

Paraphrased By Human From Top to Bottom

Our writers will paraphrase the entire article from top to bottom. The paraphrasing will be extensive. We will not rest just by tweaking a few words here and there to pass a Chat GPT detector. The idea is to ensure the meaning of the text remains intact while changing the writing completely to make it look less generic/robotic.

Fact Checking

One of the commandments of AI content is that fact-checking is entirely on your shoulders. We are ready to take that burden off you. Just focus on scaling and leave fact-checking to us. We will carefully inspect every inch of your output and verify if it’s correct or not. If not, we will make the necessary edits to correct it.


You may know this already, but outputs from Chat GPT and other applications score rather poorly on Hemingway. The grammar is off too, but that can be easily tackled through Grammarly. 

What cannot be tackled easily is poor readability. To fix this, our writers are trained to use short sentences while paraphrasing. This will make the content look neat and readable.

Plagiarism Checks

We will check the entire output through Grammarly Premium. Not only will we make style/grammar changes as we deem fit, but we will also ensure plagiarism is kept to a minimum.

External Links

My team will add external links wherever possible to support the content. These links will be from authoritative websites only. 

Our Study

We did our study on one of the sites that we built last year. With only 40 posts, the site is doing really well on Google. In fact, it has seen a 20% increase in traffic after the Google Update that rolled out in Mid-March.

Here are some stats from the last 3 months:

These sites were built on the same philosophy:

  • Content source from Chat GPT/Jasper.
  • All outputs were paraphrased by our writers fully before publishing.

We have left this site on autopilot with no new posts published in recent months. By looking at the graph, you can see that Google loves this site, and the traffic is stable despite facing numerous updates.


What Do You Need From Me?

Just send a mail to sales [at] or contact us and let us know your requirements. Send the raw outputs you generated using Chat GPT or any other platform. My sales team will contact you at the earliest and do the rest.

Can I See a Sample?

Sure, compare these two samples yourself:

The original AI content sourced from Chat GPT: AI Sample. And here’s our paraphrased version of the same sample: Paraphrased Version.

I Want to Outsource the Process Completely. Can You Help?

For sure let us know if that’s the case. The price for such a request will be 30 USD/1000 Words. In such cases, you’ll get a completely human-written article with no AI used. Want to see some of the samples for such a request, go to this link.

Who should opt for this service, and What are the benefits?

Anyone trying to build a long-term digital asset will benefit from this service. Having your content rewritten completely will eliminate any chances of your site drowning in future Google updates. Marketers looking to pump hundreds of articles to gain rankings quickly will also benefit massively.

How Will I Know That the Output is Human Written?

This is a fair concern. We will send all our paraphrased articles through Google Docs to ensure complete transparency. With viewing access, you’ll see changes the writer made as they edited the article. You will also be able to see how long it took him/her to make the edits. This is on top of the Originality report you’ll be receiving.

Will I Get A Report?

Once our editors clear the output, we will run the finished article on Originality and aim for a 90+ score. We get a 90+ score almost always when we run it after paraphrasing. You will get a link to the report too. This cost will be borne by us, so there is no need for you to purchase the credits separately.